The SAWT-funded Digital First Project, implemented by MADRAJ, has concluded with resounding success.

Amman, Jordan - The SAWT-funded Digital First Project, implemented by MADRAJ, has concluded with resounding success. The four-month program aimed to cultivate growth and development among 19 digital media startups and platforms across Jordan. The project equipped participants with a comprehensive skillset, significantly bolstering their business acumen and fostering digital innovation. Journalists, influencers, and a broad spectrum of digital content creators benefited from invaluable training in various areas. These included, but were not limited to, digital security, audience engagement strategies, social media mastery, and business planning. This holistic approach empowered them to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. The program's impact is undeniable. A mid-point assessment revealed a marked improvement in the capabilities of participating digital media platforms and startups. This positive trend was further confirmed by the final evaluation survey conducted by the SAWT team. A resounding 92% of participants expressed satisfaction with the program, highlighting the effectiveness of the implemented strategies. Furthermore, 96% of participants commended the trainers' expertise, while 88% acknowledged the mentors' valuable guidance in enhancing their editorial and administrative operations. This overwhelmingly positive feedback underscores the program's success while also providing valuable insights for future iterations. Building bridges between media startups and civil society was another key program objective. A "listening post" initiative fostered collaboration among participants, enabling them to co-create responsive media products that addressed pressing community concerns. Following intensive training in digital transformation by MADRAJ experts, the teams produced interactive media content tackling critical issues such as: The mental health impact of media on youth during wars and natural disasters Sewage and water problems plaguing Al Balqaa and the Northern district Challenges in elementary education within Al Ghour The economic repercussions of investment flight from Al Karak Economic City The state of youth civic and political participation in Maan The Digital First Project serves as a testament to MADRAJ's commitment to empowering Jordan's digital media ecosystem. By equipping participants with the necessary skills and fostering a collaborative environment, the program has laid the groundwork for the sustained success of these innovative media ventures.